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  • iCustommade7 (117148)

    A sparkling speed of intel technologies i3, i5 and i7 fourth generation processor for a smooth and joyful experience in gaming or high demand application.

    Silky soft, micro-bubble formula glides on easily and evenly. Lasts for year to come. Maintenance-free and application-absorbing, yet all-balancing. Perfect for all types of gourmand users.

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  • C XtraPower i7 (XPi7PC002)

    There are degrees of tune-up…some like less, some like more! Our blendable power formula with i7 super fourth generation goes on beautifully sheer & builds easily for customized power. Sweep on with the accompanying brush for a high end ATI or NVIDIA graphic cards, natural finish Casing or apply with the touch  for full spot power cover-up. Our 6 flattering casing design (2 light, 2 medium, 2 deep) make it incredibly easy to find your perfect power envy. Once guys apply "hello super power!" they'll finally have met their match!

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