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  • iCustommade7 (117148)

    A sparkling speed of intel technologies i3, i5 and i7 fourth generation processor for a smooth and joyful experience in gaming or high demand application.

    Silky soft, micro-bubble formula glides on easily and evenly. Lasts for year to come. Maintenance-free and application-absorbing, yet all-balancing. Perfect for all types of gourmand users.

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  • C XtraPower i7 (XPi7PC002)

    There are degrees of tune-up…some like less, some like more! Our blendable power formula with i7 super fourth generation goes on beautifully sheer & builds easily for customized power. Sweep on with the accompanying brush for a high end ATI or NVIDIA graphic cards, natural finish Casing or apply with the touch  for full spot power cover-up. Our 6 flattering casing design (2 light, 2 medium, 2 deep) make it incredibly easy to find your perfect power envy. Once guys apply "hello super power!" they'll finally have met their match!

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  • 3DBOXX 8980 Xtreme (3DBOXX8980X)
    3DBOXX 8980 XTREME


    • 4+ GHz in turbo mode, 8980 XTREME is the world’s fastest dual Intel® Xeon® (16 core) workstation
    • Provides high-powered, multitasking performance for multi-threaded professional applications: 2D/3D, VFX compositing, simulation, rendering, video editing, and DI
    • Overclocked  dual Intel® Xeon™ E5-2600 Series processors (16 cores, 32 threads)  accommodate multi-threading, multiple applications, and complex production pipelines
    • Up to two dual slot NVIDIA® graphics cards (Quadro, GeForce, or Tesla) and four additional PCI-E slots eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate workflows
    • Liquid cooling and up to 512GB system memory


    Basic Configuration


    Dual Xeon E5-2687W 3.286Ghz Enhanced Performance Processors (Eight-Core)

    32GB DDR3-1980

    NVIDIA Quadro 2000

    500GB SATA Hard Drive

    20X Dual Layer DVD RW

    MS Windows 7 Pro









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  • 3DBOXX 4920 Xtreme (3DBOXX4920X)
    3DBOXX 4920 XTREME
    Product Image

    The world’s fastest single processor, quad GPU workstation provides outstanding support and superior application interactivity for 2D/3D animation, modeling, architectural visualization, motion media, and CPU-based rendering

    • Features an overclocked six core Intel Core i7 processor, (available in 4.5GHz or 4.75 GHz) and liquid-cooling
    • Includes increased memory and storage performance.
    • Eliminates bottlenecks and accelerates workflow
    • Rivals (and in some tasks even exceeds) the speed of dual processor workstations— while being priced thousands of dollars less

    Basic Configuration


    Intel i7 4.5 GHz CPU
    8GB DDR3 1600
    NVIDIA Quadro K600
    500GB SATA Hard Drive
    20X DVD RW
    Windows 7 Professional








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